Anonymous asked:

Now that the "what if" story is wrapped up what's next? A long deserved break or commissions.

Well, sadly neither of the two choices. Right now I’m trying to dedicate most of my time to develop my personal manga story. In a few breaks I draw bit of other art which will be posted here sooner or later.

Oh and the “What if” story isn’t completely wrapped up yet. I received quite a few requests to write the story down and I’m writing it. Slowly, but writing. ‘XD

delreyisbae asked:

Whenever you draw mlp shipping art, do you sometimes ship the mane 6 with other pairings. Like PinkieDash or AppleDash or maybe RariSparkle?

Yes I do have other shippings with the mane 6, even though I don’t draw them (I would like to try someday in the future XD). I practically like all the shippings, although AppleDash is the only one I’m more meh, there’s too much competition between the characters but that’s just my personal opinion, nothing against the pairing or the ones who ship them. ^^

Anonymous asked:

I was wondering what you use to color your drawings (specifically the pokemon fusions you did awhile back)?

Since I couldn’t figure out if you asked what program I use to color or the tools I’ll be answering to both.

The program I use to color my drawings is Paint Tool SAI, easy to use and great to make custom brushes. As for the tools they vary depending on the effect I want to give the drawing. Taking the example you pointed out of the Pokemon fusions, my primary painting style is the one used on Cuta, simple base color with brush and cell shading. Sometimes there are color tones I like to blend (like the mane and tail, and the fur coat). The painting used on Lickiode is how I used to paint years ago, blending the lighter tones with darker ones to shape the shadows and lights. And the painting method of Tentaoran was experimental with a watercolor type of brush I set in SAI.

I hope this answered your question. :)